C-Map Charts & The Difference

Types of C-Map Digital Charts

Once you set your sights on CMap charts, your next step is choosing the type that interests you and is compatible with your chartplotter. While all of their electronic charts provide core navigational information, there are many more features in some types of charts.


C-Map Max Charts

If you pick out MAX charts, you get everything that comes with MAX-N plus two new features. MAX-N vector charts receive an upgrade in that they depict tides and currents, which is highly useful in planning a sailing excursion. The second new feature is the inclusion of aerial photos, which enhances the amount of detail your charts provide. Additionally, being able to cross-reference a feature on a map with a photographic image is a convenient, reliable way to verify that you're on course.


C-Map Max-N Charts

The MAX-N electronic charts are the leanest and most straightforward type. You can count on three highly valuable informational and visual features: full-featured vector charts, depth shading, and detailed marina port plans.


C-Map Max-N+ Charts

MAX-N+ charts have a broad set of powerful core features that elevate it above prior options, as well as several premium choices. The premium options deliver several potent upgrades to the vector charts. Precision Contour HD elevates surveying detail down to 1 ft. increments, while Lake Insights adds special features for inland bodies of water. Both of these features are highly valuable to fishermen and can help them locate the ideal areas to catch more, larger fish.


C-Map 4D Charts

CMap 4D charts are among the most advanced digital charts on the market. They're extremely feature-rich and contain almost all of the functions of MAX-N+ charts, with two key distinctions. While 4D charts have 20 features, MAX-N+ charts have 23. However, this is partly because the additional features would become redundant due to the innovation that the 4D charts possess.


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