Protractor with Pencil (Weems & Plath 255)

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An updated version of the Breton or Portland Plotters, the Weems Protractor has a movable compass rose grid that can be used to lay off a course or bearing, measure distance between any two points, plot position on a chart from a given set of coordinates, or determine coordinates of position on a chart. 

  • Updated version of Breton & Portland Plotters
  • Movable compass rose grid
  • Edges graduated in nautical miles: 1:20,000; 1:40,000; 1:80,000
  • Pencil & sharpener included
  • Lifetime warranty

Length: 15.2 in (38.61 cm)

Width: 5.2 in (13.21 cm)

Height: 0.5 in (1.27 cm)

Weight: 0.4 lb (1.27 cm)

UPC Code: 721002003171

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