MapMedia Digital Charts

Created to seamlessly integrate with TimeZero marine navigation software, Mapmedia charts are available in vector or raster chart formats. Mapmedia MM3D chart data options include vector charts from Navionics, C-MAP, and NOAA other hydrographic sources.

For vector chart purposes, Mapmedia relies on a vector database containing layers of valuable information. In addition, these marine vector charts record buoys, coastlines, and all other nautical features. Colors, dimensions, sizes, and additional attributes of these features are also stored in digital chart databases. In some parts of the world, navigators cannot even access one hydrographic service and depend solely on Mapmedia charts also known as TimeZero charts for reference.

Vector maps not only offer excellent display regardless of scale but are also developed with the ability to quickly filter selected data and configure charts. Raster charts provide identical information seen on paper charts when situations call for access to this type of non-digitalized data.

Amateur and professional navigators have made Mapmedia charts one of the top-selling marine electronic charts worldwide. Chart catalogs include high-resolution satellite images; tidal currents; sedimentary charts; Heightfield bathymetry and global charts pack. The state-of-the-art, three-dimensional design of MapMedia raster and vector charts is also compatible with NavNet 3D's TimeZero technology.


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MapMedia Digital Charts
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