Take advantage of the latest marine software technology that is available in the maritime industry. SOLAS class vessels interested in digital navigation through an electronic chart display & information system (ECDIS) can choose from our worldwide selection of digital charts and publications though the Admiralty Vector Chart Service (AVCS), Admiralty Raster Chart Service (ARCS),  and Admiralty Digital Publications (ADP).  Digital publications in the ADP portfolio include Total Tides, List of Lights, and Digital Radio Signals. These electronic charts and publications are produced by the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO) with the goal of  helping navigators be efficient and free space up on the bridge of a vessel where space is a premium.  Smaller recreational boats and yachts can also sail digitally by using our electronic chart system products from Nobeltec and Rose Point Coastal Explorer. Mariners who elect to not use paper nautical charts will find these products as an excellent alternative to safely navigate at sea. 

U.S. shipping companies transporting dangerous goods by sea will find helpful Hazcheck Systems and e-learning courses which are designed to comply with IMDG Code and optionally CFR 49 regulations. Training in the transport of hazmat by sea is critical and required by the IMDG Code. Companies interested in an efficient and cost effective training method will find the IMDG and CTU e-learning courses meet those objectives.

Mariners and U.S. Coast Guard personnel training for an exam can choose from our selection of digitized marine reference materials to help them in their studies. Maritime training schools can also use these digitized reference materials as a valuable resource in training of the next generation of merchant marines. 

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