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Explore our Man Overboard (MOB) Rescue Nets collection, designed to provide swift and efficient rescue operations in emergency situations at sea. Discover a range of high-quality nets including the MARKUS SCN6 Scramble-Net/Cradle and Jason’s Cradle FRC Kit, all crafted with precision and durability in mind. Our nets offer ease of use, quick deployment, and reliable performance, making them essential tools for marine safety. With adjustable ropes and innovative design features, our rescue nets ensure seamless rescue operations for a variety of scenarios. Invest in the safety of your crew and vessel with our MOB Rescue Nets collection today.
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Man Overboard (MOB) Rescue Net: MARKUS SCN6 – Scramble-Net/Cradle
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Man Overboard (MOB) Rescue Net: Jason’s Cradle FRC (Fast Rescue Craft) Kit – 530mm
SCN6 Link Pipe with Adjustable Ropes
SCN6 Link pipe with ropes