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Navionics charts

Navionics charts are electronic charts providing 3D, hydrographic data for ship captains, mariners and government agencies. Offering global coverage of all waterways, Navionics charts can be customized to enhance water bottom and depth details using proprietary bathymetry charts developed exclusively by Navionics. In addition, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) charts are available via boating apps for Canada, USA, Pacific Islands, Africa, Asia and Brazil to the Caribbean.

When you purchase and bundle Navionics charts and Cartography, you not only receive superior boating maps detailing global lakes and marine areas but also enjoy features such as Navionics SonarChart, Nautical Chart and daily updates provided by community users. The bundled version of North American Navionics electronic charts boasts a list of over 20,000 inland lakes that is constantly revised with new information essential to the safe navigation of a watercraft.

A few of the many features you will enjoy with Navionics Digital Charts include crisp, dimensional views of shorelines, locations of all boat ramps, docks and other related buildings and access to current and tide information for planning the best times for boating excursions. Deep-sea anglers would be lost without these electronic charts capable of instantly pinpointing hazards at all depth levels (rocks, shoals, etc).

Purchasing Navionics charts immediately gives you a one-year subscription for daily updates, advanced electronic charts/map options, relief shading, sonar imaging and much more!


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