Voyage Charters, 3rd Edition

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The third edition of this best-selling book continues to provide the only comprehensive guide to voyage charters. It analyzes on a clause by clause basis the two major charterparty forms, the Gencon and Asbatankvoy, as well as reviewing the Hague and Hague-Visby Rules. Throughout the authors provide a comparative analysis of English and American law and include details of all relevant case law and arbitration awards.

This new edition provides:

  • The only textbook to deal specifically with voyage charters, providing comprehensive coverage of this key areas of maritime law
  • Written by an impressive team of English and American experts, who are highly regarded authorities in the maritime field
  • Totally revised and updated now US coverage of Hague Visby Rules
  • Contains a wealth of key English and American case law and arbitrations
  • Practical user-friendly guide, which is accessible not only to lawyers but also shipping professionals

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