Admiralty Tidal Stream Atlas: The Solent and Adjacent Waters (NP337), 4th Edition 1993

Publisher United Kingdom Hydrographic Office
ISBN 9780707721217
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The Admiralty Tidal Stream Atlas - The Solent and adjacent waters contains charts showing tidal streams at hourly intervals. There is an overlap covering the area between Cowes and Stansore Point and the western limit abuts the eastern limit of NP 257, Approaches to Portland. The times of HW Portsmoutj and other details of the prediction for these areas are given in The Admiralty Tide Tables.

Tidal Stream Atlases include detailed tidal stream direction and strength information for key locations in North West Europe enabling accurate calculation of tidal stream rates for a particular port when planning a voyage.

Each volume of Tidal Stream Atlases includes:

  • Pictorial representations of tidal stream directions for each hour before and after the reference port
  • Information on the direction and rate of tidal streams
  • Mean Neap and Spring tidal rates in tenths of a knot



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