Tidal Harmonic Constants - European Waters (NP160), 6th Edition 2015

Edition 6th
Publisher United Kingdom Hydrographic Office
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There are 17 Admiralty Tidal Stream Atlases, which show in diagrammatic form the major Tidal Streams for selected waters of NW Europe.

Admiralty Tidal Stream Atlases:
Show at a glance both direction and rate of tidal streams at hourly intervals by careful and accurate use of graded arrows
Display mean neap and spring tidal rates in tenths of a knot
Include diagram to assist you to calculate the tidal stream rates for your required day

Areas Covered:
NP160 - Tidal Harmonic Constants Europe
NP209 - Orkney and Shetland Islands
NP218 - North Coast of Ireland and West Coast Scotland
NP219 - Portsmouth Harbour and Approaches
NP220 - Rosyth Harbour and Approaches
NP221 - Plymouth Harbour and Approaches
NP222 - Firth Of Clyde and Approaches
NP233 - Dover Strait
NP249 - Thames Estuary
NP250 - The English Channel
NP251 - North Sea, Southern Portion
NP252 - North Sea, Northwestern Part
NP253 - North Sea Eastern Part
NP254 - The West Country
NP255 - Falmouth to Padstow (inc Scilly Isles)
NP256 - Irish Sea And Bristol Channel
NP257 - Approaches to Portland
NP263 - Lyme Bay
NP264 - The Channel Islands And Adjacent Coasts Of France
NP265 - France, West Coast
NP337 - The Solent and Adjacent Waters

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