The International Law of the Shipmaster

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This book provides:

• A brief history and survey of the international law affecting the shipmaster
• Certification, nationality and taxation requirements for the master in 179 jurisdictions
• Comparison of regimes of law of agency for shipmasters, crews across jurisdictions
• Examination of shipmaster duties and liabilities and penalties in all IMO member states

Table of contents:

1. Introduction to the Shipmaster
2. Overview of International Law Affecting the Shipmaster
3. Domestic Laws and the Shipmaster
4. International Organizations Affecting the Shipmaster
5. Conventions and Treaties Relevant to the Shipmaster
6. Jurisdiction and the Shipmaster
7. The Private and Statutory Authority of the Shipmaster.
8. The Master and the Shipowner
9. Limitations of Liability
10. The Flag State
11. The Vessel and Seaworthiness
12. Labour
13. Cargo and Charterers
14. Third Parties not Aboard
15. The Voyage
16. Innocent Passage
17. The Port State
18. The Environment
19. Piracy, Stowaways, Other Trespassers, Contraband
20. Security of the Vessel, Cargo and Those Aboard
21. Naval and Civil Authority
22. The Master and Criminal Laws

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