Ships and Naval Architecture, Revised 2020 Edition

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Publisher Witherby Seamanship International
ISBN 9781856098960
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This detailed guide describes the key features of ships, the stresses of the marine environment and the science of naval architecture. It has primarily been written to meet the needs of engineers and navigators serving in the Merchant Navy, but will also be useful to those in shipbuilding and shipping, and other interested parties.

Part I of this book looks at the challenges of the marine environment and the stresses it places on a ship, its equipment and its personnel. It discusses the crucial elements of strength, freeboard and stability. The key features of different types of merchant ship are highlighted, supported by line drawings. A separate chapter identifies the static and dynamic forces acting on a ship and discusses the ship girder and other structural details. Finally, this Part references the statutory regulations and classification rules applicable to ship building.

Part II discusses the basic principles of naval architecture, covering definitions of terminology, abbreviations and symbols; SI units; areas, volumes, moments and displacement; transverse stability; trim; watertight subdivision; strength of ships; vibration; rudders and oscillation; resistance and powering; and propulsion and propellers.


Title: Ships and Naval Architecture
Subtitle: Revised Edition
Product Code: WS1741K
ISBN: ISBN 13: 978-1-85609-896-0 (9781856098960), ISBN 10: 1-85609-896-6 (1856098966)
Published Date: February 2020
Weight: 1.10 kg

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