Shipping and the Environment

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Shipping and the Environment was quickly acclaimed as the new leading text worldwide on the law and practice of pollution from ships. The second edition deals with a variety of developments since the first edition published in 1998, including:

  • The effect of Erika and Prestige
  • Changes in international law on maritime safety and compensation
  • Analysis of the SCOPIC regime
  • New material on ports of refuge, trans-boundary movements and pollution from off-shore craft
  • Latest case law
  • Regulatory changes in the US
  • Enlarged chapters on enforcement of laws and criminal sanctions

What's new:

  • Erika, Prestige and changes to compensation regimes: Supplementary Fund, STOPIA and TOPIA, Hebei Spirit, interim payments, and many decisions on admissibility of claims
  • Bunkers Convention, pollution from FPSOs and latest on HNS
  • Major US cases, New Carissa, Athos I, Selendang Ayu, Cosco Busan, and the latest regulatory changes
  • Chapter devoted to limitation of liability for pollution
  • Environmental aspects of salvage: SCOPIC, Tasman Spirit and insurance cover
  • Detailed chapter on international rules to prevent pollution: Law of the Sea, SOLAS and MARPOL
  • Conventions on anti-fouling, ballast water and wreck removal
  • Up-to-date position on air pollution and carbon emissions from ships
  • Places of refuge: Castor, Prestige, MSC Napoli and IMO Guidelines
  • Law and practice of dumping at sea, shipment of waste and dismantling of ships full story behind the aghost ships, menceau and other leading cases
  • The latest on flag state and port state control, industry controls and measures to promote quality shipping
  • Major new chapter on criminal liability: international and US law and practice; oily water separators, aerial observations and the cases in France; interpretation of MARPOL and the EU Directive; fair treatment of seafarers, UNCLOS safeguards and IMO Guidelines; US criminal laws, enforcement agencies and practice

"This is a 'must have' book for the shipping industry."

Written by practitioners closely involved in modern legal changes, this book will be helpful to all who seek a wider understanding of the important global issues of our time.
—Epaminondas G.E. Embiricos, Chairman, GREEK SHIPPING CO-OPERATION COMMITTEE

Like its predecessor the second edition is superbly indexed and written clearly with the needs in mind of a wide international readership.

Table of Contents


  1. Introduction and Historical Overview
    2. Compensation from the Shipowner under CLC
    3. Compensation from the IOPCFunds
    4. Oil Pollution The Position in the US
    5. Pollution from Offshore Craft
    6. Pollution from Ship’s Bunkers


  1. Compensation from the Shipowner and from the HNSFund under the Hazardous and Noxious Substances Convention 1996 (HNSC)
    8. HNSDamage The Position in the US


  1. Claims General Principles
    10. Clean-Up Operations and other Preventive Measures
    11. Damage to Property
    12. Economic Loss
    13. Damage to Natural Resources and Costs of Restoration


  1. Salvors
    15. Charterers and Cargo Owners
    16. Ship Managers, Operators and Associated Parties
    17. The Owners of Colliding Ships
    18. Pilots and Maritime Authorities
    19. Ship Financiers
    20. P&I Clubs and other Liability Insurers
    21. Hull and Cargo Insurers


  1. Limitation of Liability for Pollution and HNSDamage


  1. International Rules to Prevent Pollution from Ships
    24. Prevention of Pollution from Ships in the US
    25. The Response to an Incident International Conventions
    26. The Response to an Incident Position in the US
    27. Removal of Wrecks and Dumping at Sea
    28. Shipment of Waste and Dismantling of Vessels
    29. Enforcement of Rules to Prevent Pollution
    30. Criminal Liability for Pollution from Ships


  • Appendix 1 Status of Conventions
  • Appendix 2 Online Sources
  • Appendix 3 Summary of State Oil Pollution
  • Laws in the US
  • Index


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