Ship Sale & Purchase, 2014 Edition

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Publisher Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers
ISBN 9781908833396
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Specialist ship sale and purchase brokers have pioneered their own market over the years. That market has developed its unique ways of working, its own terminology and dedicated documentation. S&P brokers keep in contact with those companies that possess vessels they might sell and those that are considering buying such vessels. They keep track of sales and prices to provide a professional service to their principals.

This book describes how these professionals represent the best interests of both buyer and seller and how they should handle negotiations between the parties and attend to the necessary formalities once an agreement to buy or sell has been reached.

The various ship sale contracts and clauses are examined in great detail as well as the demolition market and its standard forms. Geography, ship registration, classification, finance, and legal issues are some of the areas covered in the book that are essential reading for any successful sale and purchase broker.

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