Regulation Logbook (BK-127)

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The Regulation Logbook is an 8.5 x 11 in. “official” logbook for use by inspected vessels on coastwise, rivers, lakes, bays and sounds for domestic voyages. It covers 60 days.

It contains an introduction on the new requirements for official logbooks as well as an extensive list on which items need to be logged. The introduction provides further instruction on how to maintain the logbook, how to report accidents and injuries, and how to report crew shortage. It also offers sample excerpts from small passenger vessel regulations that give a more thorough understanding of the logbook and its requirements.

Published by MET. 1989. 124p. ISBN 0-934114-17-X. With the exception of vessels required to maintain an Official Logbook, other vessels may carry logbooks of their own design as long as the required information is posted in them*. This logbook is designed to help you maintain a meaningful logbook for commercial vessels in coastwise or inland service. Extracts from cer­tain rules and regulations are provided for reference as well as a list of 39 recommended logbook entries. 

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