QMED - All Ratings, Volume 2 (BK-0068V2)

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QMED-All Ratings, Vol 2 covers

  • QMED Electricity
  • QMED Refrigeration Engineer

In the past, ratings testing for QMED-Oiler had an opportunity to take an “ Oiler-Limited” examination that did not include any “ steam” questions. However, in a notice from the National Maritime Center dated August 26, 2014 we found the following sentence:

“Oiler. In response to the topic requirements listed found in 46 CFR 12.505, and the elimination of the Oiler-Limited examination ; the Oiler examination has been modified to include the following modules:

  • Oiler, Part I… ..70 Questions
  • Oiler, Part II… ..70 Questions.”

    This announcement causes us to announce the following editorial changes:

    In reference to “ Table 1 to §12.505(c) – Examination Subjects for QMED Ratings” and especially Column 3 titled “Oiler” we recommend that individuals purchasing our book titled “ QMED Oiler” (SKU #BK-0068) now also purchase our book “ QMED-Boilers” (SKU #BK-0068-2) as a “ steam” supplement.

    In further response, we will combine our QMED Oiler, QMED Boiler and QMED Advance Machine Shop into a new volume titled QMED-All Ratings, Volume 1 (SKU #BK-0068V1)

    We have combined QMED Electricity and QMED Refrigeration Engineer into a new volume QMED-All Ratings, Volume 2 (SKU #BK-0068V2)


    Get the QMED-All Ratings, Volume 1 HERE!

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