NV Chart Atlas Atlantic ATL1: Falmouth to Vigo and the North Coast of Spain, 2018/2019 Edition

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ATL 1 - NV.Atlas Atlantic, Falmouth to Vigo / North Coast of Spain

Format: Paper Atlas Booklet with Digital download and App

- Passage Charts
- Coastal Charts
- Details
- Harbour Plans
- NV Charts app code

Watch a video explaining the registration process for the free App which is supplied with each Chart Atlas here.

The NV charts are characterised by fine contours and easy to distinguish colour graduations of the depth lines. The importance of good graphical representation of the topography when sailing is essential. Well marked rivers, towns and street plans all help to give a clear overall view of the shore side facilities of the islands. In waters soundings and heights are given in meters. Large scale approaches and land contour markings simplify the entrance into anchorages.


Passage Charts

C1 English Channel to Azores . Lisbon 1: 3,500,000
C2 Bay of Biscay 1:1,750,000
C3 Porto to Cabo San Agustin 1:950,000
C4 Cabo San Agustin to Bordeaux 1:950,000

Coastal Charts

C5 Baiona to Cabo Finisterre 1:200,000
C6 Cabo Finisterre to La Coruna 1:200,000
C7 La Coruna to Ribadeo 1:200,000
C8 Ribadeo to Cabo Penas . Aviles 1:200,000
C9 Cabo Penas to Pta. San Emeterio 1:200,000
C10 Pta. San Emeterio to Castro Urdiales 1:200,000
C11 Castro Urdiales to San Sebastian 1:200,000


C12 Ria de Vigo West 1:40,000
C13 Ria de Vigo East 1:40,000
C14 Ria de Pontevedra 1:40,000
C15 Ria de Arousa West 1:40,000
C16 Ria de Arousa East 1:40,000
C17 Ria de Muros 1:40,000
C18 Ria de Coruna . Ria de Ferrol 1:45,000
C19A Ria de Camarinas 1:45,000
C19B La Coruna 1:15,000
C19C Baiona 1:10,000
C19D Camarinas 1:7,500
C19E Sada 1:20,000
C19F Muxia 1:7,500
C20A Ria de Cedeira 1:45,000
C20B Carino 1:15,000
C20C Ria del Barquero 1:40,000
C20D Ria de Vivero 1:40,000
C20E Ribadeo 1:15,000
C20F Navia 1:15,000
C21A Approach to Gijon 1:60,000
C21B Gijon 1:10,000
C21C Ribadesella 1:15,000
C21D Bermeo and Mundaka 1:15,000
C22A Santander 1:30,000
C22B Ria de Santona 1:20,000
C23A Bilbao 1:30,000
C23B Bilbao Hbr. 1:15,000
C23C Castro Urdiales 1:10,000
C23D Elantxobe 1:7,500
C23E Lekeitio 1:7,500
C24A Ondorroa 1:10,000
C24B Orio 1:10,000
C24C Zumaia 1:10,000
C24D Getaria 1:15,000
C24E Mutriku 1:10,000
C24F San Sebastian 1:15,000
C25A Ensenada de Baiona 1:20,000
C25 Pasajes 1:10,000

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