MapMedia Navionics Mega Wide Vector Chart: MWVNEW46XGMAP - Central & West Europe (Update)

Download - A link to download the chart will be emailed:Download - A link to download the chart will be emailed
Download - A link to download the chart will be emailed Download - A link to download the chart will be emailed
Publisher MapMedia

How MapMedia electronic charts are updated

To meet the needs and safety of users, MapMedia updates its vector charts once or twice a year, according to the chart providers' updates, and once a year for raster charts. It is of course, extremely important for boaters to keep their charts up to date, in order to ensure the safety of all passengers onboard.

Corrections, improvements and changes are made on a daily basis by the Hydrographic Services and by private chart providers, such as Jeppesen or Navionics.

Boaters need to have access to correct information about water depth, particularly in shallow areas. If dredging takes place, it is also important to keep the water depths up to date for these channels, harbors and waterways.

The information indicated on the chart is critical for assessing whether the boat can safely navigate in the area or not.


User-reported chart anomalies 

Boaters and professionals have the ability to report errors or recent changes that they come across while boating. Examples of these changes are:

  • New marina
  • New pontoon
  • Rocks or obstructions that are unreported or under-reported
  • Buoys in the wrong place
  • Wind not reported
  • An inaccurate coastline following rapid coastal erosion 


Natural disasters

If an area is particularly affected by natural disasters, it is necessary to redesign the entire chart to reflect the sudden major changes. Natural events have led cartographers to make an overhaul of their cards and make big updates.

Make sure that you check the latest version of chart MWVNEW46XGMAP by checking the MapMedia Catalog before you make your purchase. (example: MWVNEW46XGMAP10.2) Version 10.2

A new unlock code will be generated that will give you access to the latest version of the chart once you have made your purchase.  



Chart Installation Instructions


Furuno NavNet 3D System

Chart installation instructions for Furuno NavNet 3D System


Time Zero / MaxSea

Chart installation instructions for Time Zero / MaxSea


You will receive your chart unlock code and installation instructions via email once your order has been processed. Please note that all sales of MapMedia digital charts are final once an unlock code has been generated for you.

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