Launch and Recovery of Boats from Ships, 1st Edition 2018

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The launch and recovery of boats from ships is a vast subject and one that has not previously been examined in detail. The Nautical Institute is pleased to announce its latest publication, Launch and Recovery of Boats from Ships, on this vital subject.

Launching, operating and recovering small boats is often outside the expertise of crew and can require considerable skill and seamanship. Practice drills rarely provide a realistic simulation of emergencies. An increasing lack of experience and some well-publicised accidents during practice have undermined crews’ confidence in using the equipment. Reluctance to take part in practice launches serves to further erode safety.

In Launch and Recovery of Boats from Ships, author Dag Pike AFNI sets out good practice and explains in clear language the techniques and systems that can improve manoeuvres. The book reviews the equipment available and assesses both its benefits and its potential drawbacks. The publication will be of value to ship owners and operators, regulators and designers as well as practical seafarers.

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