Irish Lighthouses, 2001 Edition

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Publisher Globe Pequot Press
ISBN 9780762709441
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Ireland, a land best known for Celtic music, rolling green hills, and welcoming people, has a seafaring side that is equally enchanting. With almost 2,000 miles of coastline, the sea has beckoned many Irish countrymen. Irish sailors have traveled from their island home in search of wealth and adventure. Since the fifth century, Irish lighthouses have been guiding these seafarers home.This lavishly illustrated and lively book is a tour of thirty-six beautiful and distinctive Irish lighthouses. These technically efficient structures are described in detail, including the history for each light and descriptions of the surrounding areas.This guide contains: location and geography of the land where each beacon stands, historical anecdotes and accounts of adventures at sea, directions to each light, breathtaking color photographs.Irish Lighthouses is an excellent memento of Ireland's lighthouse legacy, for visitors and lighthouse aficionados alike.

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