Bunkers: Essays in Admiralty - Key Issues in Shipping from a Global Perspective, 3rd Edition 2018

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Essays in Admiralty: Key Issues in Shipping from a Global Perspective is the third in a series of collected essays, speeches and articles written by the highly-respected and well-known Nigerian lawyer Jean Chiazor Anishere.

Volume Three is a timely and welcome follow-up to Essays in Admiralty: An Introduction to Legal Issues in Shipping from a West African Perspective (2012) and Sustaining Maritime Development in West Africa (2015), both of which received favourable reviews and both of which sold out in record time.

In this book, Jean Chiazor Anishere demonstrates her knowledge and understanding of international and local legal issues, offering an insight that only an expert of her many years of experience is able to provide.

As with the first two volumes, this book is aimed at legal practitioners in the maritime sector, as well as students of law and anyone involved in shipping, especially in West Africa. Its wide-ranging content, covering subjects as diverse as the Blue Economy, maritime arbitration, insurance and logistics, will be of interest to anyone conducting business in Africa and, in particular, Nigeria.

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