Deck Log Book (No. 131) (3-Months)

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The Deck Log Book (Pattern 131 - 90 Days) allows the modern navigator to record in one place all the routine navigational readings required as part of the Officer of the Watch duties, such as; ships course, compass errors and weather conditions. Each page is numbered and set-up in a grid-table format for organized entries. It also allows for the recording of daily Bilge & Ballast soundings, as well as, other deck activities such as say cargo ventilation, which will help prove and keep a record of the crews actions with regard to care of cargo should proof of same ever be required. There is also a section for recording drills and training, which will prove compliance with the various regulations required by Port State & Flag State authorities. It should also be noted, that in this modern world of electronic recording, the written logbook still contains evidence that can be referred to in order to support the vessel in the case of a cargo claim or incident.


This book features a hardcover and is approximately 16.75" x 12" x .5".

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