British Admiralty Nautical Chart 5500: Mariners' Routeing Guide - English Channel and Southern North Sea

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Essential routeing information to help bridge crews safely navigate through some of the world’s busiest and most complex shipping routes.

Each Mariner’s Routeing Guide includes:

    • ​​​Verified information highlighting dangers or warnings to navigation, limited depths and dense traffic areas. This additional information, when used alongside official navigational charts, can help to increase situational awareness and reduce the risk of damage caused by collisions and groundings.

    • Clear guidance on traffic separation schemes and routeing measures that have been adopted by the IMO and national authorities.

    • Weekly updates and new editions to help maintain high levels of accuracy and safety. Some routeing guides also include ADMIRALTY QR codes for quick access to a list of all Notices to Mariners (NMs) that affect each chart.

Chart Details

  • Panel NameEnglish Channel
  • Natural Scale1365000
  • North Limit52� 08'.11N
  • East Limit2� 17'.95E
  • South Limit48� 11'.85N
  • West Limit7� 00'.00W


  • Panel NameMariners Routeing Guide
  • Area NameEnglish Channel and Southern North Sea
  • Natural Scale507450
  • North Limit52� 17'.13N
  • East Limit4� 16'.53E
  • South Limit50� 49'.92N
  • West Limit0� 54'.00E

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