Anchor Handling: Oilfield Seamanship Series - Vol. 3

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SKU 9781856098854
Publisher Witherby Seamanship International
ISBN 9781856098854
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This book will benefit Masters, Officers and others who operate the oilfield’s anchor handling vessels. It describes the most common anchor handling operations from the work boat's viewpoint, which is quite different from that of the barge or vessel that is being worked. A number of specialist mooring operations are also described, again from the boats’ viewpoint.

The Oilfield Seamanship series describes and explains the majority of standard techniques used in marine operations of the offshore oilfield. The series concentrates on Towing. Anchor Handling, Barge Mooring and Moving, the Operation of Jack-Up type vessels afloat, the practice of stability control on semi-submersibles and ballast control techniques on such vessels. The series of books are organised such that particular volumes are relevant to personnel on specific vessel types.


Title: Anchor Handling (Oilfield Seamanship Series Volume 3)
Number of Pages: 306
Product Code: CL1066K
ISBN: ISBN 13: 9781856098854
Published Date: May 1994, Reprinted 2020
Weight: 0.80 kg

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