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The World Port Index (Pub 150) is composed of approximately 3,700 entries detailing physical characteristics, location, and services provided by main port terminals across the world. The information is provided in tabular format.

Every piece of information is tabulated geographically and customized as per the format that is found in front of this publication. WPI is crucial in providing sailing directions through the use of harbor charts. The procedure of choosing locations follows the criteria provided by National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.

And since providing such huge amounts of diversified information in a single volume is complicated, Publication 150 utilizes a simple code to display certain types of information. Each code symbol is then expounded at the top of each page.

Currently, WPI comes in a beta version that categories data in four formats namely File Geodatabase, CSV, JSON and Shapefile. Any contributor who is interested in getting their information integrated into Pub 150 can visit World Port Index (WPI) Contributors ArcGIS Online page.

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