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The International Maritime Organization has developed the latest model Introductory Course on Preparedness for and Response to HNS in the Marine Environment to provide a general introduction to the concepts and unique considerations related to preparing for and responding to pollution incidents involving the release of hazardous and noxious substances (HNS) into the marine environment. This course was designed to complement the suite of existing OPRC model courses for preparedness and response to marine oil spills, and to support the efforts of countries in acceding to and implementing the provisions of OPRC 1990 and the OPRC-HNS Protocol 2000.

These materials are expected to provide participants with a basic awareness and give them the tools and knowledge to carry out a preliminary risk assessment and to allow them to engage in informed decision-making on issues related to HNS incident preparedness and response.

The Course addresses a range of subject areas, ranging from the legislative framework, to the technical and scientific aspects of HNS, contingency planning, response options and media awareness.

The course is available for both the Operational Level, aimed at First Responders, Supervisors and On-Scene Commanders, and the Manager Level, aimed at Administrators and Senior Managers.

The Operational level has been provided in both English and French and the Manager Level has been provided in English only.

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