Steel: Carriage by Sea

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Language English
Edition 5th
Media Hardcopy
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Publisher Informa UK
ISBN 9781843118633
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Steel: Carriage by Sea, 5th Edition, provides invaluable information on how to prevent claims arising when transporting steel, including careful handling, good stowage and care of cargo throughout its entire journey. This book covers every aspect of the transportation and surveying of steel products carried on ships.

The new edition provides practical advice on:

  • How to prevent damage to steel cargoes
  • How to deal with subsequent claims
  • The different types of steel products manufactured and their particular packing requirements
  • How the various types of steel products should be loaded, stowed, lashed, secured and ventilated aboard a ship
  • Maintenance of the ships' hatch covers, tank-top strength and cargo documentation
  • The surveying and claims handling of the various types of steel products
  • The corrosion process of steel
  • The various types of surveys carried out in connection with steel products and their associated survey reports
  • The causation and assessment of loss for the different types of damages and analyzed for the various types of steel products carried aboard ships
  • The salinity of seawater, reconditioning options for seawater contaminated steel products and steel related cargoes

Benefical to:

  • Maritime lawyers
  • Marine & cargo surveyors
  • Ship owners
  • Ship managers and operators
  • Ship charterers
  • Captains & officers
  • Claims handlers
  • Steel importers, exporters and manufacturers
  • Maritime universities and institutions

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