Reinsurance Practice and the Law

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Reinsurance Practice and the Law is a comprehensive guide offering you sound advice and explanation in every area of reinsurance.

Designed to reduce to a minimum the legal difficulties involved in a reinsurance transaction, Reinsurance Practice and the Law covers all the areas of reinsurance law that are likely to give rise to problems. This looseleaf pays special attention to the drafting and operation of the reinsurance contract. It also deals in detail with dispute resolution, including arbitration and Commercial Court practice and procedure.

Reinsurance Practice and the Law is your best assurance of always being up to date with the latest developments. The regular updates you receive as part of your subscription means that unlike an ordinary textbook, the content of this publication will change in line with the law – providing you with a definitive and dependable source of information.

Written by specialist reinsurance lawyers at Barlow Lyde & Gilbert LLP – Reinsurance Practice and the Law concentrates throughout on how the law relates to actual market practice. Dealing with every stage of the reinsurance contract, this comprehensive looseleaf provides practical legal guidance and covers all the topics you require.

Reinsurance Practice and the Law will provide you with:
  • A comprehensive, all-you-need reference source
  • A clear explanation of the basics of reinsurance contracts, including the relationships between the parties and the various types of contracts, with particular mention of alternative risk
  • The principles of drafting and interpretation of contracts, including reaching agreement, contract wordings and choice of law
  • The details of operating a contract, including claims handling, offset and funding, inspection of records and transfer and termination
  • Guidance on dispute resolution, including choice of law, jurisdiction, alternative dispute resolution, arbitration procedure and enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitration awards
  • Regular updates to ensure you are always fully up to date

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