NV. Cruising Guide: Virgin Islands, 2011 Edition

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ISBN 9783932414343
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The nv charts Cruising Guide is the perfect companion
for a sailing trip to the Virgin Islands. The colourful
guidebook includes all harbors and anchorages of the
British and US Virgin Islands, with detailed, clear cartography
and stunning aerial photography.
A well-thought-out layout gives you a quick overview.
Illustrated, with detailed information, such as navigation
tips, harbour facilities, official notes and insidertips
for going ashore. You ‘ll enjoy your visit with this
complete information source.

Aerial photography guide - a great supplement to nv-charts Virgin Islands
• 165 pages· spiralbound · english language
• Overview chart
• Detailed harbor and anchorage plans
• Aerial photos of harbors and anchorages

The nv charts Cruising Guide for a beloved sailing area in. Colorful Guidebook with 
all harbors and anchorages in the US and British Virgin Islands. 
With detailed cartography and stunning aerial photography. 
A new layout gives you a quick overview as well as all detailed information.

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