Steiner Binoculars: Marine Binoculars Made Well

Wondering where to buy Steiner binoculars? These 7x50 binoculars are durable and tough, built especially for marine use. Find out more about the benefits and reasons to purchase your own pair of binoculars Steiner made.

When you are out at sea, normal binoculars just don't cut it. The constant motion, changing temperatures, and diverse weather conditions make it impossible to get a clear view. Steiner marine binoculars are built to handle glaring sun, foggy conditions, and sea sprays.

The Steiner Binocular Advantage

While equally powerful on land or at sea, Steiner binoculars are made for use on the water. They're waterproof and corrosion-proof, with construction designed to withstand heavy use out in the elements. The main benefits include:

  • High-quality optical technology
  • Ergonomic design
  • Long-range vision accuracy

These binoculars are excellent for military and marine use or for recreational boaters and fishermen. Even in low light, you can expect sharp definition, contrast, and image clarity. In addition, Steiner binoculars are tough and durable, providing a lifetime of rugged use for a multitude of water-borne activities.

Binocular Features by Series

Prices and exact features vary according to the model, with options ranging from the budget-friendly Steiner 7x50 Marine Navigator Pro to the powerful Steiner Military M830r LRT 8x30 Laser Rangefinder suited for military use.

Navigator Pro Series








The Porro Prism Navigator Pro binocular series is an excellent choice for those who frequently indulge in water hobbies. Features include:

  • Floating Prism system to absorb shock without damage
  • 7x magnification that meets the marine standard
  • High contrast optics for bright and crisp images
  • Sports-Auto Focus system for one-time focusing of the eyepiece
  • Makrolon housing of polycarbonate and NBR Long Life rubber armoring that is both lightweight and durable
  • N2 injection system for clarity in the foggiest of conditions and any temperature

Commander Series








 The military-grade Commander Series is an excellent choice for anyone who spends a lot of time on the water, from ship captains to marine patrols to fishing guides. They feature all the advantages of the Navigator Pro series of binoculars plus:

  • High-definition optics from index-matched glass and lens coatings
  • ClicLoc system to keep binoculars at the ready in a harness or neck strap with quick release at the touch of a button
  • Memory Diopter to store your setting
  • Steiner Nano-Protection, a hydrophobic molecular coating that creates an ultra-smooth lens surface that repels water, dirt, and fingerprint smudges
  • Floating neckstrap with yellow coloring and reflective trim for easy locating if dropped

Laser Rangefinder Binoculars









The Steiner Military M830R LRF 8x30 is both compact and powerful, with an eye-safe laser for measuring target range in either yards or meters. A neck strap, rain protection cap, and objective cover are included with this model.

Military-Marine Binoculars

These binoculars by Steiner are a multi-use civilian version of military-grade binoculars. They deliver the high-quality durability and clear images Steiner is known for at an affordable price.

Steiner binoculars are trusted around the work by marine navigators, ship captains, military personnel, and security forces. There is a model suitable for any price range and intended use. Get yours today!