Ships Clocks, Ships Bell Clocks & Tide Clocks and Their Uses

Ships clocks and tide clocks are two of maritime history's most iconic timekeeping devices. They were initially designed to keep ships on course by providing accurate timing, and they continue to be used today as dependable navigational aids.

As well as being practical tools for sailors, ships clocks and tide clocks make beautiful additions to home or office design when displayed in a prominent location. From the elaborate designs of ship clocks to the unique functions of tide clocks, there is something for everyone when it comes to these timeless timepieces.

Uncover the fascinating history of maritime vessels and tide clocks with us, and learn about the different types available and how they can fit your style. Let's get started.

What Is a Ships Clock?

This timekeeping device is designed to help sailors stay on course during their voyages. The clocks are usually powered by an internal spring, which is wound up every day at the same time. This ensures that the clock remains accurate and reliable even when there are disruptions in the power supply or strong winds.

These clocks are a functional necessity for seafarers and make stunning decorative pieces. From classical antique designs to vintage modern flair, they add an extra touch of charm and style to any home or living space. As well as looking good on land, their reliable mechanisms ensure mariners always stay right on schedule out at sea.

History of Ships Clocks

Ships clocks have been around since the late 18th century when they were first introduced as navigational aids to help sailors stay on course. Since then, they've come a long way, with technological and design advances leading to more accurate and reliable timepieces. From their early steel-cased designs to modern quartz movement pieces, ships clocks remain an essential piece of maritime history for both mariners and decorators alike.

Benefits of Ships Clocks

Ships clocks aren't only a great way to keep on schedule at sea, but they also make beautiful additions to any home or office décor. They look stunning when hung in a prominent location, and the quality of their construction is also top-notch. Many ship's clock manufacturers use high-grade materials such as brass and steel to ensure their pieces last for generations, so your ships clock will become a treasured piece your family will enjoy for years to come. The clock's moving spring can also create a relaxing atmosphere for those who appreciate soothing ticking sounds at home and at work.

Types of Ships Clocks

There are several different types of ships clocks available, each one with its unique style and elements. The most common type is the ship's bell clock, which features an internal bell mechanism that makes a distinctive sound when the time changes every hour. Other popular choices include barometers, chronometers, and navigators clocks. You might find certain ships clocks more suited to your use and your style — it depends on what you're looking for in a clock.

Ship's Bell Clock

Ship's bell clocks are the most traditional type of ships clock, and as such, they have a long and storied history. The distinctive sound they make when the hour changes is this sound that sailors came to rely on while out at sea, as it allowed them to keep track of time without having to consult a sundial or other external device. Ship's bell clocks come in many styles, ranging from ornate brass designs to more modern quartz movement models, making them perfect for complementing any style of home décor.


Chronometers are more advanced than regular ships clocks as they feature an internal mechanism explicitly designed for accuracy and reliability in navigation. Chronometers were famous among merchant marines and naval vessels in the 19th century, and many of them remain in service today. They're typically made from high-grade brass and steel and both beautiful and functional additions to luxurious foyers or commercial spaces with an industrial aesthetic.

Tide Clocks

Tide clocks are a special type of ships clock that features an internal mechanism that accurately measures changes in tides. This makes them ideal for mariners who want to stay on schedule while at sea, as they can easily keep track of changes in tide times without manually consulting external devices. Tide clocks come in many different styles ranging from ornate bronze designs to modern quartz movement models, making them great for decorating as well as practical purposes.

Uses for Ships Clocks

Ships clocks aren't only excellent for staying on schedule while out at sea. They also make eye-catching and useful additions to any home or office setting. In addition to being beautiful focal pieces, they are made using quality materials and methods. Furthermore, ships clocks' relaxing ticking sound makes them a nice accent for study rooms and reading nooks. Tide clocks, meanwhile, make great gifts for mariners and ocean lovers as they provide accurate measurements of changing tides.

Navigation and Safety on the Sea

Ships clocks provide a sense of security and reliability when navigating the seas. Their accuracy allows sailors to stay on schedule while out at sea, which can be especially important in times of emergency or poor visibility. In addition, ships' clocks come with many features, such as barometers and chronometers, that can help mariners determine their location quickly and accurately.

Incorporating Ships Clocks Into Home Décor

Ships clocks bring a classic nautical style that can be a unique addition to any home décor. They come in many styles, from ornate brass models to modern quartz movement clocks and tide clocks. Depending on the style chosen, a ships clock can add an air of sophistication and charm to any room, making it a treasured find for anyone looking to decorate their elegant home or office.

Similarly, tide clocks provide a unique and exciting way to decorate a room or office space. They make great conversation pieces, as they accurately track the changing tides and can be an educational tool for those interested in oceanography. Tide clocks are also thoughtful gifts for anyone who loves the sea, making them fun and educational home-décor accents.

Adding a Timeless Look With Nautical Style

Ships clocks are a timeless addition to any home's design. They provide both practicality and aesthetic appeal and are perfect for those looking to add an air of sophistication or charm to their living space. Furthermore, ships clocks come in many different styles ranging from detailed brass designs to modern quartz movement models, making them perfect embellishments for rooms both simple and ornate. And with tide clocks, you can even track the changing tides while adding a unique and interesting conversation piece to your home or office.

No matter your style, ships' clocks will make a statement in any room they adorn. Whether out at sea or in the comfort of your home, ships clocks and tide clocks provide both practicality and aesthetic appeal that can't be matched. Buy your ships and tide clocks today and add a classic nautical style to your home décor.