(Model Course 1.32) Operational Use of Integrated Bridge System, 2005 Edition

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Publisher International Maritime Organization
ISBN 9789280142037 9789280101331

The safe and efficient use at sea of integrated bridge systems (IBS) and integrated navigation systems (INS) requires a level of knowledge byond that normally given in the training of an officer in charge of a navigational watch. It is not just a matter of learning to use new controls, display techniques or how to switch on and off automatic functions. More importantly, it is learning the decision making processes that must be applied in order to gain the full benefits of the integration in a safe manner and avoid the new problems that automatic controls and integrated systems can sometimes provoke.

This model course has been designed recognizing that integrated bridge systems and integrated navigation systems are a voluntary installation on vessels and they differ significantly in their configuration and operation from vessel to vessel. They can also interconnect to other bridge equipment and systems, which may be compulsorily fitted to vessels, as part of SOLAS or other requirements

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