USCG Illustrations Workbook: Gas Turbines, Safety & Steam Plants, Vol. 3

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The new edition of the USCG Illustrations Workbooks has been written to assist Marine Engineers in studying and preparing for the USCG Marine Engineering License Exams.

The National Maritime Center (NMC) of the USCG continues to upgrade the license exam based on current industry trends, STCW compliance, and advancements in shipboard machinery. As a result of these efforts, the NMC has introduced many new illustrations for use in the USCG license exams.

Each of the drawings used in the USCG Marine Engineering License Examinations are shown in the following pages by draw number. The drawings are current to the date of publication of this document, however the student is reminded that the USCG updates the license examination, including questions and drawings, on a continuous basis.

The study guide contains each of the 180 General Subject drawings including drawings are current through September 2016, the last known update by the NMC. Each section contains:

  • The drawing as published by the USGC;
  • A description of the drawing;
  • A discussion of the drawing, including mathematical and or technical material necessary to answer the questions for which the drawing is used;
  • The USCG questions that reference the drawing, with answers; and
  • A discussion of each question and/or mathematical solution where necessary.
  • 31 Gas Turbine Illustrations with descriptions and questions.
  • Discussions and Solutions for all Gas Turbines Illustrations.

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