2024 U.S. Coast Pilot 7 & 10: Pacific Coast Book Set

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Publisher National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
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United States Coast Pilot® covering the Pacific now in two volumes

What is currently known as United States Coast Pilot® 7 was first published in 1903. The official published name was United States Coast Pilot—Pacific Coast California, Oregon and Washington. Content and information was inclusive of those three states. After Hawaii became a state in 1959, information on the Hawaiian Islands—including the long string of islands and atolls out to Midway Island—was incorporated into the newly titled United States Coast Pilot 7—Pacific Coast California, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii. In 1988, information originally maintained by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency under Publication 126 on the remote Pacific Islands (American Samoa, Guam and the Marianas) was added as a new chapter.

The area covered by this volume is enormous—from the southern end of California, northward along the entire Pacific Coast to the border with Canada near Vancouver, British Columbia. Not to mention descriptions of the coastlines of all major Hawaiian Islands and the remote Pacific Islands. In comparison, the complete description of the Atlantic Coast spans four volumes. The information contained within Coast Pilot 7 exceeds 700 pages and has only grown in recent years.

Out of necessity, the information in volume 7 is now divided into two books—Coast Pilot 7 is now titled Pacific Coast, California and a new volume is titled Coast Pilot 10 Pacific Coast: Oregon, Washington, Hawaii and Pacific Islands. This new volume is the first in over 60 years!


This set includes one of each:

  • Coast Pilot 7 - Pacific Coast: CA, 56th Edition 2024 covers the rugged and mountainous coast of California. The California coastline consists of high land rising abruptly from the sea and a variety of mountain terrain including chaparral and underbrush south of San Francisco Bay and timbered mountains to the north of the bay.

  • Coast Pilot 10 - Pacific Coast: OR, WA, HI ,Pacific, 5th Edition 2024 covers the northern part of the United States coast including Oregon and Washington. Coast Pilot 10 also includes the Hawaii Islands and other United States territories in the South Pacific.

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