Survival Guide for the Mariner, 2nd Edition

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    This book was written to help the seafarer survive safely at sea. By choice as well as by tradition the seafarer is a rugged individualist. No other profession or venture demands a higher degree of ruggedness. The perils of the sea are many but nowhere else is ther the self-satisfaction and the fulfillment of dreams.

     The greatest obstacle that is faced at sea is fear of the unknown. Thousands of seafarers have survived the sinking of their vessels. They have been rescued or have made their way to land. Fear is natural, but it can be controlled and overcome. Survival at sea depends on three things: knowledge, equipment, and morale. Part of the responsibility is that of the master or captain of the vessel who has the duty to see that crew members fit their roles in the safety organization of their vessel. Responsibility also lies with each seafarer. The best possible safety devices will be worthless if you don'r know how and when to use them.

    Survival Guide for the Mariner is primarily a guide and refers to SOLAS regulations. It does not purport to cover all of the SOLAS regulations, and readers are advised to read the SOLAS regulations Chapter 3 and all the amendments. The survival guidelines are applicable to seafarers abandoning a ship, yacht, or any type of vessel at sea. Seafarers must keep in mend, however, that the best conditions for survival are not in the life boat or life raft but aboard their vessel. All necessary action should be taken to save the vessel. There should be no hesitation, however, in abandoning the vessel when the master issues the order. This book should help such persons confront the fear of the unknown. It will provide information and illustrate the knowledge, equipment, and morale required in order to survive safely at sea.

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