Ship Operations and Management, 2017 Edition

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Publisher Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers
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The thousands of ships, vessels and craft that are trading in the world today all have to be operated and managed. For some maritime operations, the task is a relatively straightforward one, but it becomes more challenging as the venture increases in size and complexity. Ship management and the operation of ships is a crucial branch of shipbroking.

Anyone planning to study this complex subject with a view to employment with a ship operator or a ship manager should read this book as it covers all areas that are necessary for ship operations. These will include the ship, its registration and classification, insurance, crews and bunkers. The structure of shipowning and management organisations is detailed in the book as well as the ship manager's legal relationship with others. Voyage estimating and accounting is also discussed.

Ship Operations and Management is also a valuable reference to everyone who wants to broaden their general knowledge of the shipping industry and its myriad facets.

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