Seamanship: A Handbook for Oceanographer

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Seamanship is a necessary branch of knowledge, at least for those who handle shipboard equipment or operate research craft. This is a skill which must be learned just like any other discipline. To some extent it can be acquired from books, but practical experience is essential too. Unfortunately the crowded curricula at oceanographic institutes may not include courses in seamanship, and at-sea time during a typical student's education is often reckoned in hours rather than in the days or weeks needed for genuine proficiency. As a result, the newly graduated scientist--not to mention the student--may find himself in charge of an oceanographic boat which he is unprepared to handle efficiently and safely. Seamanship: A Handbook for Oceanographers is intended to help improve this undesirable situation. It can serve as a textbook for formal courses. It can also serve as a reference book for scientists who feel the need to refresh or improve their maritime skills.

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