Safety Preparations for Cruising

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Most sailors go to sea without prior knowledge of the cruising lifestyle and its demands, learning by experience. Jeremy Hood utilizes his years of personal experience to teach safety measures and prudent seamanship to would-be cruisers so they can set out on a vessel designed or altered with their well-being in mind, aware of potential risks, familiar with possible solutions, and possessing increased self-reliance to help minimize or resolve problems.

Safety Preparations for Cruising begins with a chapter on general preparations. Eighteen other chapters comprehensively cover safety material related to every facet of cruising, from the structural integrity of the vessel and its potential for breakdowns (hull, above and below decks, engine, and electronics) to basic skills (navigation, first-aid, communications) to dangerous situations (fire, heavy weather, taking on water, man overboard, abandoning ship). Each chapter begins with a real-life experience introducing the topic covered. With a personal and objective style, the author shares helpful information and presents alternatives that can guide our future decisions. A valuable checklist concludes each chapter, both summarizing the discussion and measuring strengths and vulnerabilities in ourselves and our vessel. This primer on safety is essential for anyone fitting out or preparing for offshore cruising.

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