Powerboat Design and Performance, 2019 Edition

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Powerboat Design and Performance - Expert insight into developments past and future, 2019 Edition.

Set to become the bible for powerboat owners and operators for years to come, this long overdue analysis and review of modern powerboat design and operation explores how powerboats have developed, why, and how design impacts on control and performance.

Every aspect of the powerboat's design is considered individually and as part of the whole. Different hull designs, including multi-hull and foiling craft, are assessed for their benefits and drawbacks. Engine types (whether petrol, diesel, electric or hybrid) and their influence on performance are examined and the nature and impact of different propulsion systems and driving controls is also discussed.

All factors that influence operation are featured, from how to optimize performance in varied sea conditions, matching speed to sea state, as well as tackling various common and uncommon scenarios (from driving into an inlet to coping with tidal races and harbor maneuvering) as well as issues relating to crew safety.

Dag Pike is the world-renowned guru on powerboats. For this book he has attracted contributions from many of the top international powerboat designers, providing a wealth of expert knowledge and specialist insights about modern powerboats.

The sum of their know how makes this book a gem of acquired knowledge, and as such will be essential for all powerboat owners, operators and designers, whether in the leisure, commercial or military sector, and it will help ensure all prospective owners get the right boat for their requirements.

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