Navigation Advanced for Mates/Masters, 2nd Edition

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This book provides technical advice and information designed to help build advanced navigational skills. It explains and illustrates navigational techniques using worked examples, plots, templates and exercises. The book is aimed at Masters and senior navigation officers, but will also be of benefit to junior ships’ officers.

This book may be used for self-study to build navigational skills or as a comprehensive onboard source of reference. The book is broken down into clearly marked sections, making it easy to locate particular information and to follow the various techniques step by step. It is illustrated throughout with colour photographs, diagrams, chart sections and tables.



1 Regulatory Requirements
1.1 ISM Code
1.2 SOLAS Chapter V
1.3 Bridge Procedures Guide
1.4 Buoyage
1.5 ISPS
1.6 STCW
1.7 Pollution
1.8 Guidance From a Flag State
1.9 Voyage Data Recorder

2 Passage Planning
2.1 Appraisal
2.2 Planning
2.3 Summary of General Principles
2.4 Execution
2.5 Monitoring
2.6 Summary

3 Sailings
3.1 The Terrestrial Sphere
3.2 Parallel Sailing
3.3 Plane Sailing
3.4 Mercator Sailing
3.5 Great Circle Sailing
3.6 Composite Great Circle
3.7 Practical Applications

4 Ocean Routeing
4.1 Use of Charts and Publications
4.2 Choice Of Routes
4.3 Oceanographic and Climatic Data
4.4 General Hazards to be Found on an Ocean Passage

5 Bridge Procedures
5.1 Bridge Organisation
5.2 Keeping Watch
5.3 Navigation
5.4 Use of Pilot
5.5 Standing and Night Orders
5.6 Procedures
5.7 Navigational Risk Assessment
5.8 Hydrographic and Port Information

6 Radar Navigation
6.1 Radar Displays
6.2 Plotting
6.3 Collision Avoidance
6.4 Common Plotting Errors And Penalties (UK Examining Board)
6.5 Use For Navigation
6.6 Radar Detection and Interpretation

7 Extreme Weather And Navigation
7.1 Tropical Revolving Storms (TRS)
7.2 Planning For and Information on Ice
7.3 Navigation in Ice Areas
7.4 Operating in Ice
7.5 Working With Ice Breakers
7.6 Navigation in High Latitudes

8 Celestial Navigation
8.1 The Celestial Sphere
8.2 Horizons and Altitudes
8.3 Meridian Passage
8.4 Azimuths and Amplitudes
8.5 Astronomical Position Lines
8.6 Fix by Celestial Observations

9 Electronic Navigation Aids
9.1 Satellite Navigation Systems
9.2 Hyperbolic Systems
9.3 Electronic Charts
9.4 Integrated Bridge Systems
9.5 Echo Sounder

10 Tides and Tidal Streams
10.1 Causes Of Tides
10.2 Variation in Tides
10.3 Tidal Definitions
10.4 Underkeel Clearance and Air Draught
10.5 Tidal Calculations
10.6 Tidal Streams

11.1 GMDSS
11.2 WWNWS
11.3 Weather Reports
11.4 Ship Reporting Systems
11.5 Ship Movement Report Systems
11.6 Radio Medical Advice
11.7 Other Reports
11.8 Automatic Identification System (AIS)

12 Search and Rescue at Sea
12.1 Search and Rescue Co-Ordination
12.2 Search and Rescue Communications
12.3 Onboard Preparation
12.4 Search Planning
12.5 Rendezvous
12.6 Interception
12.7 Rescue By Helicopter
12.8 Search and Rescue Co-Operation Plans Aboard Passenger Ships
12.9 Man Overboard


Title: Navigation Advanced for Mates/Masters, 2nd Edition
Number of Volumes: 1
Edition: Second
Number of Pages: 402
Product Code: WS1439K
ISBN: ISBN 13: 978-1-85609-627-0 (9781856096270), ISBN 10: 1-85609-627-0 (1856096270)
Published Date: August 2015
Binding Format: Hardback
Book Height: 285 mm
Book Width: 220 mm
Book Spine: 30 mm
Weight: 1.80 kg
Author: Nadeem Anwar

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