Modern Marine Engineer's Manual Volume II

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Media Hardcopy
Edition 3
Volume 2
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Publisher Cornell Maritime Press, Inc.
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This book is designed to serve as a textbook for students and a reference for today's engineering officers, port engineers, superintendent engineers, and other maritime professionals. Steam turbine propulsion systems are included, but the coverage has been reduced in recognition of the popularity of main propulsion diesel engines, covered in volume 2, and the anticipated increasing applications of aeroderivative gas turbines. Reciprocating steam engines have been eliminated. Pumps, pumping systems, and heat exchangers are given extensive coverage. Computer applications for machinery and system management are presented, including an entire chapter on maintenance management. Relevant material on international and national laws, classification society requirements, and standards, such as ISO 9000 series and the ISM code, are included in the text. The characteristics of fuels are presented along with a discussion of fuel testing and analysis, and a section on bunkering. A chapter on safety and management discusses shipboard engineering operations, shipyard repair planning and economics, and safety management. Each chapter includes review questions and references for additional study. Everett C. Hunt, Editor Contributing Editors: Robert S. Behr, Davis Brown, R. D. Jacobs, Aaron R. Kramer, Thomas P. Mackey, James Mercanti, William B. Morgan, Keith Wilson, and Conrad C. Youngren

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