MCA Marine Fuel Sulphur Record Book

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Essential for all vessels who wish to enter an Emission Control Area, at berth in a United Kingdom port, a UK passenger ship operating in UK waters, controlled waters, and any other passenger ship which calls at a port in the UK.

'The Merchant Shipping (Prevention of Air Pollution from Ships) Regulation 2008', as amended, require the master of a ship - to which the regulation apply - to make a record to demonstrate compliance for any ship using separate fuel oils and make a record of any fuel changeover operation.

The master of a ship to which the regulations apply is required to make a record:


  • In the case of a UK ship, in a log book in the format prescribed in Appendix 6 to Merchant Shipping Notice 1819 (M+F)

  • In the case of any other ship, in a ship's log book.

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