The Law of Tug and Tow and Offshore Contracts

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Edition 3rd
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The Law of Tug and Tow and Offshore Contracts, 3rd Edition

Fully updated and revised, the only modern work on the law of towage and offshore vessel services, comprising a comprehensive account of the general law coupled with a detailed clause-by-clause commentary and analysis of the major standard contracts used in the international offshore, towage and heavylift sectors, including the BIMCO Towcon, Towhire, Supplytime and Heavylift forms.

The Law of Tug and Tow and Offshore Contracts has rapidly established itself as a leading text and is written by, Simon Rainey QC, one of the foremost shipping practitioners with unrivalled experience in the field.

Key reasons to buy The Law of Tug and Tow and Offshore Contracts, 3rd Edition
• the only clause-by-clause commentary on all of the major standard form contracts used by the offshore industry;
• the only in-depth analysis of the drafting history of the BIMCO standard form offshore contract, comparing the recent amended versions in their drafting context;
• the only authoritative analysis of the case law and arbitration decisions affecting the towage and offshore industries;
• written from the perspective of a leading practitioner with unrivalled practical experience over many years of the contract forms and of the issues which arise under them (many of which are unreported) and involved in almost all of the leading cases in the field; and
• written with an eye on the practicalities of how the contracts work given the everyday problems which arise in the industry, with guidance where the standard forms may require amendment.

New to this edition
Expanded to cover heavylift operations with the first commentary on the BIMCO standard contracts Heavycon, Heavyliftvoy and Projectcon.

Table of Contents:

1. The Contract of Towage
2. The Implied Obligations of Tug and Tow
3. Standard Form Contracts: (I) The UK Standard Conditions for Towage and Other Services
4. Standard Form Contracts: (II) The BIMCO Forms “TOWCON 2008” and “TOWHIRE 2008”
5. Standard Form Contracts: (III) The BIMCO “SUPPLYTIME 2005” Form
6. Standard Form Contracts: (IV) The BIMCO ‘‘HEAVYCON 2007’’; HEAVYLIFTVOY’’ and ‘‘PROJECTCON” Forms
7. Towage and Salvage
8. The ISU Standard Form Contracts for the Provision of Tugs to Salvors for Use in Salvage: “SALVCON 2005” and “SALVHIRE 2005:
9. The BIMCO/ISU Standard Form Contracts for Wreck Removal and Marine Services:  ‘‘WRECKHIRE 2010’’, ‘‘WRECKSTAGE 2010’’ and ‘‘WRECKFIXED 2010’’
10. Collisions involving Tug and Tow
11. Towage and Limitation of Liability
12. Tug and Tow and General Average
13. Admiralty Jurisdiction


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