Imray: Ocean Plotting Sheets Southern Hemisphere, 2017 Edition

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A useful pad for the ocean sailor designed by an experienced ocean navigator.

Consists of more than 50 sheets at a convenient A4 size, practical for working on the chart table or whilst at sea.
• Northern and Southern latitudes scales numbered for both hemispheres
• Each plotting sheet allows you to navigate from one hemisphere to the other, with some extra sheets provided to get you across the Equator
• Ideal for the RYA Yachtmaster Ocean exam and sun sight navigation
• Also includes sheets for star navigation and the of plotting stars using Vol 1 of the Sight Reduction Tables for selected stars
• Scale and plotting sheets can be used for normal navigation, for working up your daily positions before plotting them on to a smaller scale ocean chart

Sheets included in each pad:
30 General Plotting Sheets
10 Sun-Meridian-Sun Plotting Sheets
10 Star Plotting Sheets
1 Equatorial General Plotting Sheet
1 Equatorial Sun-Meridian-Sun Plotting Sheet
1 Equatorial Star Plotting Sheet

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