Get Your Captain's License, 5th Edition

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Earning a captain’s license just got easier

Whether you are an avid boater seeking to improve your seamanship and get a discount on boat insurance or aspire to start a business running a charter, sightseeing, or whale-watching boat, this revised and updated Fifth Edition is the only resource you need to obtain the captain’s license you want, including the six-passenger “Six-Pack,” Master and Mate Inland, Master and Mate Near Coastal, and Sail/Auxiliary Sail Endorsement.

Get Your Captain’s License is thorough enough to replace costly classroom instruction with its 350 pages of seamanship and navigation tutorials and more than 1,500 carefully selected questions and answers from the Coast Guard exams.

The book also contains details of a special offer (20% discount) for access to a new associated website from Examiam that combines a digital version of this book with all 12,000 of the U.S. Coast Guard's latest Captain's license questions. Please note that access to this website is not included with the purchase of this book; additional fees apply.


What this Book Is About
Reference Materials
Qualifying for a License
Do You Qualify?
Regional Examination Centers
Experience Requirements
Contents of the Application Package
TWIC Application
Conviction Statement
Character References
License Application Form
Physical Examination Form
Drug Test Form
Small Vessel Sea Service Form
Reasons Licensing Delayed/Denied
Application Checklist
Merchant Mariner Oath
Rules of the Road
Part A—General
Part B—Steering and Sailing
Part C—Lights and Shapes
Lighting Memory Aids
Part D—Sound and Light Signals
Rules of the Road Questions and Answers
Deck General
Ship Handling
Heavy Weather Operations
Docking and Undocking
Mooring and Anchoring
Measuring Depth
Towing Operations
Ship Construction
Displacement and Load Lines
Bitts and Bollards
Block and Tackle
Wire Rope
Ship’s Business
Pollution Regulations
Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)
Deck General Questions and Answers
Navigation General
North Atlantic Right Whales
Tidal Currents
Charts and Publications
Aids to Navigation
Locks and Dams
Navigation General Questions and Answers
Deck Safety
Stability Calculations
Life Rafts and Floats
Fire Fighting
First Aid
Small Engine Operation
Deck Safety Questions and Answers
Navigation Problems
Latitude, Longitude, Distance and Course
Dead Reckoning
Fixes by Bearings
Running Fixes
Relative Bearings and Distance Off
Current Set and Drift
Current Vectors and Course to Steer
Plotting an Intercept
Plotting Sheet to Photocopy
Chart 12221 TR
Chart 12354 TR
Chart 13205 TR
Chart 18531
Chart Practice Problems
Navigation Problems Questions and Answers
Auxiliary Sail Endorsement
Auxiliary Sailing Vessels
Sails And Apparent Wind
Points of Sail
Heaving to
Auxiliary Sail Questions and Answers
Examination Illustrations
Rules of the Road
Deck General
Navigation General
Deck Safety
Auxiliary Sail
Appendix: Colregs
Part A—General
Part B—Steering and Sailing
Part C—Lights and Shapes
Part D—Sound and Light Signals
Part E—Exemptions
Annex I—Positioning and Technical Details of Lights and Shapes
Annex II—Additional Signals for Fishing Vessels Fishing in Close Proximity
Annex III—Technical Details of Sound Signal Appliances
Annex IV—Distress Signals
Annex V—Pilot Rules

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