Endurance 145 Barometer & Comfortmeter (Weems & Plath 631400)

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Utilizing the largest dial size of the Endurance collection, the brass 145 Barometer/Comfortmeter combines a barometer with a thermometer and hygrometer in one instrument that is easy-to-read. The comfortmeter portion of the dial measures temperature and humidity while the barometer displays barometric pressure in both inches and milimeters. This brass comfortmeter features a maintenance-free, ultra-hard brass finish that is guaranteed to never tarnish. It also incorporates a patented Slide-n-Lock Mounting System that eliminates the need for visible mounting screws and allows for easy removal and adjustments. This combination barometer, thermometer, hygrometer, is weatherproof and designed for outdoor use.

  • Large, easy-to-read dial
  • Features barometer above & hygrometer below
  • Fully adjustable temperature compensated aneroid barometer movement with inch & millibar scales
  • Calibrated for altitudes to 3,500' above sea level
  • Displays temperature in both Fahrenheit & Celsius
  • Hygrometer shows percentage of relative humidity
  • Indicates Comfort Zone
  • Maintenance-free, ultra-hard brass finish
  • Patented Slide-n-lock™ Mounting System
  • No visible mounting screws, easy removal for adjustments
  • Beveled glass crystal
  • O-ring seated behind glass for weatherproof construction
  • Lifetime warranty
  • United States Patent: 7,293,456BI / 8,381,585 / 8,925,381

Dimensions: Dial: 5 34” (146 mm) Overall Diameter: 7 18” (181 mm) Depth: 1 78” (48 mm)

Weight: 1.45 lbs (658 g)

UPC Code: 721002003928

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