Deceit: The Lie of the Law

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Deceit: The Lie of the Law will provide a complete and detailed account of the law of deceit as developed over the past two centuries.

There has been a sharp increase in the number of deceit cases over the past decade:

  • 25% of all recorded cases on deceit have occurred in the past decade
  • 70 cases on deceit in the higher courts having taken place in the last 5 years alone

This new book by Peter MacDonald Eggers examines the commercial, contractual and civil relationships in which claims in deceit have been made. It includes:

  • A detailed review of each ingredient of an actionable deceit and its rationale
  • A black-letter and comprehensive account of the law
  • An examination of the uncertainties of the law
  • A consideration of the jurisprudential aspects of the tort in a self-contained chapter

As Deceit: The Lie of the Law takes account of the major body of case law dealing with deceit over the past 200 years, it will become an invaluable text for commercial and civil practitioners and a regular source of reference for academics.

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