Cruising Guide Cuba Vol 1: Varadero To Trinidad

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Cuba, the last unexplored cruising destination in the West Indies. It has more than 2,000 nautical miles of coastline, the reefs are pristine, isolated cays with white sand beaches are numerous and there are more anchorages than one could hope for. Is it true that a voyage to Cuba is akin to sailing into the 1950s but even more impressive is its Spanish colonial charm. Cuba's cities and towns are some of the oldest in the Americas, many founded in the early 1500s. Cuba's vibrant Latin culture and beautiful colonial architecture in unrivalled making it a photographer's dream and an amazing winter destination. Capt. Cheryl Barr has made more than a dozen cruises to Cuba researching and exploring its coastal waters. With all the information she has gathered, Cheryl has compiled this wonderfully detailed pilot guide.

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