Commercial Flashlight 3-Way, Excluding 3 D-Cell

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Flashlight waterproof 3 D-cell for Lifeboats and Commercial Life Rafts
This waterproof industrial light features a crush resistant case, unbreakable lens, three way switch (on-intermittent-off) and switch guard.
Safety Approved
ASTM Certified
Class I Group C D, Class II Group G and Class III Approved
Approved for hazardous areas of atmosphere containing grain dust, flour, starch, combustible plastics, hazardous vapors and gases. For use in the following explosive atmospheres only: gasoline, petroleum, naphtha, alcohol, acetone, lacquer solvent vapors and natural gas.

      Additional Information

      Weight 2.00 lbs
      Dimensions 6 x 6 x 4 in

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