C-Map Max Chart EN-M062: Netherlands North: Emden, Scheveningen (Update)

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Why Update Your C-Map Chart?

Why Update Your C-Map Chart?

 It is very important that the latest C-Map charts are used when sailing out in the open water for safe navigation purposes. The C-Map electronic chart libraries get updated twice a year to coincide with popular boating sessions. Included in the library updates are the latest notice to mariner updates from government hydrographic offices, updates to marina facilities, port services, photos and more. Navigational updates to C-Map charts include: 

  • Buoy, beacons and lights.
  • Shoreline areas and shallow water depths.
  • Channels, commercial shipping lanes, and restricted or dangerous areas.

Why Exchange Your C-Map Chart?

It is recommended to exchange your C-Map chart on your cartridge if you no longer sail or visit the area on the chart to more suitable chart coverage. The exchange process will allow you to receive a brand new chart at the reduced update price. Mail us your C-Map cartridge and we'll exchange the chart on the cartridge to the chart you order.   


How the C-Map Chart Updates & Exchange Process Works 

Simply purchase the update version of this chart or the update version of the new chart you want to exchange for by browsing through our C-Map update Max chart collection (exchange offer only valid if the new chart is the same price class as the current chart on your cartridge). Once your purchase has been made we'll email you a link to our customer return portal where you can enter your order # and email address to login to generate a return label. Once we have received your C-Map cartridge we'll program it accordingly with the update/exchange chart ordered and send it back to you. Please note there will be two shipping charges involved in this process, one to ship the cartridge to us and another to send it back to you. 

C-Map cartridges we update:

  • NT+
  • Max
  • Max-N
  • Max NT+
  • 4D


Our Mailing Address:

American Nautical Services
3311 S Andrews Ave, Suite 11
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
United States of America


Please note all C-Map chart orders are final once the chart is programmed onto the cartridge.



C-MAP MAX electronic charts have been a worldwide standard for years, providing cruisers, sailors and fishermen with the accurate, up-to-date chart data they need to enjoy each day on the water. Still a leading choice of navigators and chartplotter manufacturers around the globe.

  • Updated twice annually to provide all the latest detail and information
  • Compatible with dozens of chartplotters from top manufacturers
  • Extensive coverage of coastal waters, lakes and rivers
  • Local, Wide and MegaWide coverage for all charting needs and budgets


    • Dynamic NavAids - Include detailed information on navigational aids, including name, color, information on frequency, range of the light, etc.
    • Dynamic Tides & Currents - Predict the time, level, direction and strength of currents and tides.
    • Guardian Alarm - Preforms an automatic forward-scanning check for obstacles. Use this feature as an added back up to alert you if you head toward a potentially harmful object.
    • Detailed Marina Port Plans - Docking in an unfamiliar port is no problem, when you have precise layouts 
    • Photos and Diagrams - In high-definition of ports, marinas and significant navigational marks will help you to familiarize yourself with new destinations and passages.

    • Route-Check - Is an extension of Guardian Alarm, helping keep you safe by indicating obstacles along the segments between waypoints.

    • Depths and Land Elevation - Show the usual depth information and the colors make it easy to distinguish different water depths and land elevations.

    • Detailed Harbor Charts - So docking in unfamiliar ports is no problem. You have precise layouts of thousands of marinas, including slip spaces, restricted areas and other valuable navigation information.

    • Perspective View - Gives a bird's-eye view of your navigation area, it tilts the chart view to a 45-degree angle.

    • C-Marina Port Database - Has details on more marinas than other charts on the market. Displays harbor hours, harbor master contact info, nearby lodging and restaurants, VHF call-in details, photos and more.

    • Points of Interest (PO Is) and Road Mapping - Helps whether you're looking for a restaurant or museum, you can find it in our extensive database of local services and cultural highlights.

    • Multi-Language Capability - All C-MAP by Jeppesen charts can be displayed in both English and the local language of each region. More than 140 languages are available.

    Please note all C-Map chart orders are final once the chart is programmed onto the cartridge.

    C-Map Chart Compatibility Guide

    C-Map Chart Compatibility Guide

    Not sure which charts are compatible with your chart plotter? Find out if your chart plotter is compatible with C-Map charts using the C-Map Chart Compatibility Guide.



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