Boater's Weather Guide, 2nd Edition

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Sooner or later everyone who ventures out on the water will encounter strong winds and confused seas, fog, thunderstorms, or heavy rain. This book acquaints boaters with the forces that shape weather, allowing them to predict what changes can be expected. Part I presents a logical explanation of climate and weather, concentrating on those aspects that affect the mariner the most–wind speed and direction, low visibility, thunderstorms, gales, and hurricanes. Part II, which can be read independently, deals with the effects of climate and weather on all types and sizes of boats, without delving into the whys and wherefores–a practical approach for those who want only the necessary facts, illustrated by over 50 images, maps, and diagrams. This book is a valuable tool for everyone who enjoys being on the water.


Acknowledgments 7
Introdcution 9
Part I: Forces that Shape Our Weather 13
1. Climate and Weather 14
2. Highs and Lows 20
3. Heating and Cooling 26
4. The Earth's Wind System 33
5. Temperature and Humidity 42
6. Type of Clouds 50
7. Cyclones and Anticyclones 56
8. Air Masses 63
9. Fronts and Storms 68
Part II: Weather and the Boater 79
10. Wind and Water 80
11. Coastal Patterns 88
12. Hnadling Heavy Weather 93
13. Forcasting Aids 102
14. Weather Forcoasting 111
15. Hurricanes 126
16. Weather Planning for the Offshore Voyager 133
17. Climate Change 143
Personal Boater Weather Logs 154
Boaters Notes 157
Index 159

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